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Amanda Zabel, M.A.Ed (she/her)

A life-long journeyer of the inner and outer landscapes, Amanda has supported and served and co-journeyed with others, as they seek to heal, find peace and come to rest in their bodies, hearts, minds and in right relationship to this earth. As she has done with her own life, Amanda has stood with many at the thresholds of loss, major life-transitions, death, illness, and the suffering inflicted by the world/others, and created by our minds.  


While Amanda has been trained and practiced for 29 years as a professional counselor and as a shamanic healer, she feels most aligned with simply being a co-journeyer in the many ways that life unfolds for herself and others. She is devoted to the silence at the center of being and facilitates practices to remember the true nature of who we are: already free, already at peace, already whole.

FB: The Luminous Life

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