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My name is Camille Adair. I use she/her pronouns, and I am a queer Black mother and American woman living on Siouan land. I am a darkskinned, pansexual college droppout. I speak English but as a comrade I work to refine my Spanish speaking as well. 


I am both a volunteer doula and policy and movement manager at Carolina Abortion Fund(CAF), the sole owner and operator of Birds, Bees, and Babies, Placenta Encapsulate Specialist, a member of Triad Abolition Project, a craft honing tarot reader at Kindred Spirits and an Aquarius. Reproductive Justice is at the center of all human rights, and is the fight I devote my gifts to. I am in the process of completing my Birth Doula certification with DONA International, but I offer the community full spectrum doula care for transitions both earthly and otherworldly.


Additionally, I am starting my Childbirth Education Facilitators training with Cornerstone Birthwork. My mentor and number one cheerleader is Antonina Whaples. I began my fluid journey understanding ki, placentas, cord honoring and more under her wisdom. She and RJ Walker have continuously offered me the space needed to recalibrate, hone my crafts, and grow. I hope to carry with me to 18 Springs all I know and have learned, quintessentially, the continuation of decolonizing healing. 


“Dream backwards, find the umbilical, at least try.” - Cynthia Dewi Oka

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