Leaves Shadow

18 Springs is a source of healing on many levels for many people. I have appreciated the breadth of opportunities offered over the years. The great variety of opportunities has provided healing in ways I did not know existed. There are not many places like 18 Springs.

Leaves Shadow

I see 18 Springs as a community where difference is honored and celebrated and its becoming a place where that core value is reflected in the diversity of its members and programming. I see it as a place that honors the wisdom of the body and that provides opportunities for learning to listen and feel that wisdom in order to better care for ourselves as individuals and as a collective...I love that 18 Springs is a place of exploring new possibilities...

Leaves Shadow

18 Springs brings together care for the earth, care for our bodies, and cultivation of communities where equity is the norm and every body is valued. It can be a part of a movement to transform WS by supporting individuals to learn, to act, and to take care of ourselves and each other.


Ouida knows how to facilitate a group that fosters honesty and introspection. She’s real and kind, and I felt safe to be myself. I learned from others in the group, too, and left with a new question to contemplate that will help me develop more self assurance. I look forward to the next session! Thank you, Ouida.

Mary Hughes L.

Very nice session with Ouida. Her voice was soothing. She opened a safe, non-judgmental space for participants to share experiences as well as she shared her own. I wish the session was a little longer than an hour so I could spend more time listening, learning and witnessing with Ouida and other participants. 

Crystal R.

18 Springs is so much more than a typical wellness center, offering healing to each person through many unique paths. And expanding the healing to our community, our world. You will find at least one offering here that you want to be a regular part of your week.

Zoe E.

Wonderful studio. Marilyn Granger's class allows us to get to know how our bodies move. So good to get in touch with what we can and can do.

Mary C.

In her Yoga Nidra class, LaShanda took my body on a journey of peace. As I traveled through my body, I could feel the relaxation and became aware of the NOW.

Harolene A.

Thankful for the yoga nidra class. Very calming, peaceful, and healing. 

Jennifer H.

Ouida’s classes are very powerful. Highly recommend it for anyone interested in self exploration and healing. Ouida creates a safe space to do this tender work!

Heather P.

Thank you for the wonderful workshop with Ouida Patten!

Laurie J.