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Yamile "JahMEleh" McBride

Yamile is a modern day curandera and healer of limitations, generational, systemic and cultural trauma.  An immigrant's daughter, she went to 27 schools, foster homes and shelters until graduating high school. She healed in her 40's after being taken down by a student she was serving as a School Administrator. The student was the catalyst for her to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually in every area of life. Yamile was discouraged to claim her Colombian, South American identity because of systemic and cultural fear and limiting beliefs. She went on several Mother Medicine journey's that uncovered her truest identity, where her ancestors showed her the path, the notes and the way for her to heal and reclaim herself to align with those ready to make their own ancestral journeys by eliminating the unconscious trauma. She is a certified Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapist, Curandera using Mother medicine and Neurolinguistic Programming to help guide others to reprogram the limiting beliefs imposed by systems of fear. 

To learn more about Yamile and her work go to:

or feel free to text for more information at 336-893-4664.

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