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Ouida Patten (she/her)

Ouida Patten is a native of Winston-Salem, attended local schools and earned a degree from Salem College. She has studied Healing Touch, Reiki, Niasziih and is currently studying Herbal Medicine Making. Additionally, she is participating in the Wild Woman Project's Circle Leader Training.

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Cappy Kirsch (she/her)

Known as a problem-solving anatomy geek at the former Vibrant Being Massage Therapy, Cappy Kirsch now takes her unique detective work to an even deeper level by helping you explore old patterns and belief structures that live in your body and cry out for attention the only way they can - by creating physical discomfort.

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Temple Crocker (she/her)

Temple is an artist and teacher.  She has been teaching privately, in university classes and workshops since 2006. Her wish is to support people to be fully embodied for the whole of their lives. She has taught students as young as 8 and as old as 90.


Sandy Seeber (she/her)

More information on the way.


Amy McGinnis (she/her)

Amy McGinnis brings a creative approach to her sessions drawing on her background in art, yoga, energy medicine and her personal connection with the LGBTQ community. Amy's clients have experienced help with anxiety, depression, pain, sleep, life transitions, surgical support, grief and self-care.