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A Fundraiser to Sustain Us
July 9th 6-10pm

We are celebrating the many ways we find and embody liberation in our everyday lives. How do you connect with your sense of liberation?


Eating what you want?

Wearing what you want?

Loving who you love?

Asserting bodily autonomy?

Fighting for community care?

Learning how to be a co-conspirator?

Frolicking through a field?


You’re invited to join us outdoors and inside at 2424 Reynolda Rd, July 9th from 6-10pm, for our summer fundraiser that will help sustain us to the end of the year and into the next.


We can’t wait to hear about how you tap into your liberation✨

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At 18 Springs, our work is to unblock embodied barriers to systemic change by focusing on individual and collective healing work. This requires caring for the caregivers and change-makers in our communities and centering the voices of those who have been historically marginalized both within and without wellness spaces.


We disrupt inequities by acknowledging relational harm and working toward repair. We begin at the level of the body. We are creating a culture where people can be honest and vulnerable, acknowledge their needs, and call on one another for support.


We are building a culture of attunement to self and other – a culture of belonging.  We believe that wellbeing arises from self love, body awareness, and honest engagement in community.

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