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18 Springs Community Healing Center is hiring a new Executive Director.

This is an exciting moment in the evolution of 18 Springs! We will be transitioning leadership from our Founding Director to our first full-time Executive Director beginning July 1, 2023.

Are you a leader in healing justice who feels called to direct a young and growing nonprofit

If so, please read on to learn more about the position. You will find the application portal at the bottom of the page. 

18 Springs Executive Director Roles & Qualities

 The work of the new Executive Director falls into two general areas:

​   1. ​GROWING 18 Springs from its founding identity as a healing space that centers social justice into its         next vision as a community-based, collective care healing justice place.

  • Lead visioning for 18 Springs’ next evolution using community-building practices.

  • Nurture trustworthy relationships with individuals and organizations in Winston Salem who are working at the intersections of justice, wellness and healing trauma. 

  • Develop programming as a partner with community activists, especially BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people, and as a place for cultivating anti-racism learning and action among white people. 

  • Lead the development of a financial/business model and organizational structures to sustain the evolving 18 Springs values, mission and work.

   2. MAINTAINING AND BUILDING on 18 Springs’ current organizational capacity. 

  • Hold 18 Springs values and mission as grounding for who we are and all we do.  

  • Support the development of an organizational culture aligned with 18 Springs values and collective care principles.

  • Attract, nurture and support teachers, especially BIPOC and LGBTQ+ teachers, to offer programming and build on current teacher intake/support and collective care practices.

  • Communicate 18 Springs values, mission, programming and partnerships, building on existing website, social media and mailing list.

  • Grow and diversify current income sources, including the existing Sustainers Program.

  • Manage organizational finances, supported by Outfitters4.

  • Manage care for the physical space, materials and land.

  • With the Governing Council, continue to learn organizational ways of being and practices that center 18 Springs values, faithfully questioning traditional nonprofit practices counter to our values and mission. 

We are seeking someone who is: 

  • Intentional in their own life about living out values of: balance and wellness; building community and collective care; and social justice. 

  • Humble and adaptable; honestly reflective about their own beliefs and actions; skilled at learning with and supporting others.

  • Working to more deeply understand both their personal and collective histories of socialization, trauma and privilege. 

  • Committed to dismantling white supremacist and patriarchal patterns based in dominance and separation. 

  • Passionate about imagining and co-creating a sustainable future where all people can access their full humanity. 

  • Finding courage to resist and live into naming, challenging, and changing systems of power and oppression from a grounding of love. 

  • Able to hold the “big picture” values/mission/possibilities while taking practical steps to “get things done.”


We are seeking someone who has:

  • Knowledge of and relationships with people and organizations in Winston Salem who work at the intersections of justice, wellness, and healing trauma.

  • Experience in building relationships and cultures of inclusivity, healing, belonging and freedom. 

  • Experience as a leader and manager in an organizational setting.

  • Experience growing a program, idea, organization or network.


Compensation is $50,000 per year, plus an additional 20% ($10,000) in either a benefits allowance and/or for specific benefits.

18 Springs is accepting applications until May 31, 2023

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