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Lucinda Brogden

Lucinda Brogden has studied with medicine teachers from North and South America for nearly 30 years. When she first encountered the Q’ero paqos from the High Andes of Peru in 1997, she experienced the truth of their teachings, and knew she had found the path of her heart. She continues to work directly with Q’ero teachers in both Peru and the US, and through the heart of the computer. She incorporates their knowledge and practice into her teaching, workshops, and shamanic healing.  

Lucinda has also studied contemporary energy healing modalities, is a certified in KaTaSee Healing through the Setting the World in Balance 4-year Program and Healing the Light Body through the Four Winds. In her healing practice, Lucinda combines the ancient wisdom from indigenous culture with coaching and contemporary practice in energy medicine.  She is dedicated to helping people grow into the fullness of their being, through reconnection with higher guidance, clearing that which no longer serves them, and rediscovering the path of the soul. 

Contact Lucinda at or 336-245-2677.

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