Trainings at 18 Springs

[all of the teacher's are required to attend a training focused on ...] 

there are several trainings open to the community as well 




Michelle Cassandra Johnson offers a number of trainings & workshops throughout the year. 

Find out more about attending a Race Equity training with Michelle here. See Michelle's bio here. 

Debra Benfield offers [ ]. Find out more here. See Debra's bio here. 

Marla Gene & Claire Nyles Suer offer a 3-hour Support Zone training for those who want to learn more about how to respect and support their LGBTQIA+ peers. Learn more here. Find there bios here. 

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Sydney Hughes-McGee | Director | LMBT1243, RYT500

336. 775. 7313                                             


Marla Gene | Program Assistant | CYT200


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