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Patricia Majano

The following poem was first drafted at 18 Springs in February 2022 as an assignment during ‘Social Justice & ME: a five-week series with Dr. Fran Bates Oates’. As a "living bio" of sorts, I have updated it to make it relevant to the present moment [as of April 2023].


I AM Patricia Majano


Born and raised in Los Angeles, California

Land of the Chumash, the Tongva, and the Kizh [Keech]


I was created by Gregoria Cruz

Born  in Usulután, El Salvador

Land of Los Lenca


And Jubenal Guillén

Born in Guanajuato, Mexico

Land of Los Guamares


I AM sacrifice

I AM mystery

I AM displacement


I am my ancestors love, wisdom and struggle



I AM Earth


I AM grounded

I AM patience

I AM abundance


I am my mother’s stable and nourishing touch, when dad leaves and starts a new family



I AM Maiden


I AM joy

I AM playful

I AM sweet


I am Sunday afternoons at the park with my family



I AM Fire


I AM adventure

I AM passion

I AM fierce


I am a survival instructor and a catcher/launcher of aircraft off aircraft carriers in the US Navy



I AM Mother


I AM tender

I AM compassion

I AM grace


I am my mother’s primary caregiver when Lewy Body dementia decides to visit our lives



I AM Water


I AM emotion [the whole spectrum of emotions]

I AM yielding

I AM embracing


I am a student, a teacher, a bodyworker, a partner in healing and a lover of life... and death



I AM Crone


I AM wise

I AM multi-dimensional

I AM whole


Yo soy el legado de mi mamá, de mis abuelas y mis  antepasados.


I am my mother’s, my grandmothers’ and my ancestor's legacy



I AM Air


I AM light

I AM movement

I AM expressive


I am breathing gently, deeply and slowly as I confidently step into a new season in the wheel of the year/life




I AM Community Engagement


I AM connection

I AM reciprocity

I AM unity


I am wholeheartedly embodying social justice and devoted to Individual/Collective healing, care,  growth and wellbeing



I AM Ether


I AM spacious

I AM stillness

I AM boundless


I am magickal, a vibrational being and a holistic alchemist

I AM a flower in bloom

I AM love

I AM harmony

I AM sacred


I am currently planted in Winston-Salem, North Carolina land of the Cheraw, Saponi, Tutelo, Saxapahaw, and Shakori





If you're interested in Patricia's "bodywork for mental-emotional health and holistic wellbeing" visit for more information or email her at

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