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18 Springs Community Healing Center is a collaboration space for individual and community wellness. We provide a place for local healers to hone and share their skills, and we bring people together who are ready to commit to the wellbeing of one another.

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We're on a Mission.


18 Springs Community Healing Center is a space that reimagines wellness & calls the community to be responsible for the collective care of all. 

Through workshops, therapies, spiritual practices, & community events we address wounds created by systems of power & oppression. We resist these systems by healing our relationships with our bodies, with one another, and with the earth.


We commit to building a culture of inclusivity, belonging, and freedom.

How We Work

We are a nonprofit organization that is committed to building a culture that is both well and just in Winston-Salem, N.C.. We believe that inner change and societal change go hand in hand. Therefore, relationships are our work.


Our community is aspirational. While we value honest and authentic inclusivity, we have a ways to go, and work to do, to truly live into that reality. Living into our potential calls on us to be humble, courageous, adaptable, and imaginative. 


We honor our mission and vision by seeking to dismantle white supremacist and patriarchal patterns which are based in dominance and separation. We work to acknowledge and understand the varying privileges that we all hold. We commit to knowing our history and to understanding our individual and collective socialization, while we center the experiences of those most marginalized. We believe that when we access our full humanity we have the ability to create a sustainable future.



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