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18 Springs Community Healing Center is seeking “companion spirits” (to borrow a phrase from Alice Walker) to join our Governing Council. If you are interested in being of service to 18 Springs by serving on the Governing Council, please keep reading and then tell us about your interest


Since incorporating as a nonprofit organization in July 2020, we have done a large amount of organizational work with the support of a small founding Governing Council and Core Team. We are now looking for additional members to join our Governing Council in the ongoing work of: 

  • defining and living into principles and practices rooted in our values;  

  • discerning programming, an organizational structure, and a governance model that suits our mission and that sees beyond traditional governance models rooted in white supremacy; and  

  • creating and implementing plans for sustaining 18 Springs’ mission and connections with others committed to social justice, racial equity and wellness. 


We are looking for people who:

  • are strongly committed to 18 Springs mission and vision

  • have the time to commit to demanding work.

  • are strongly committed to social/racial equity.

  • are willing to engage in the work of building honest and respectful relationships across communities and social identity groups.

  • have imagination for how nonprofits could be governed with relationships at the heart, and are excited to co-create an organization that lives fully into both equity and wellbeing.

  • are involved in individual and cultural healing or therapeutic practices.

If you are interested, or know someone who may be interested please complete the response form. We are seeking volunteers as well as suggestions of individuals who align with the list of characteristics above. Please respond by May 15, 2022.


We are casting an open invitation for volunteers who feel called and have the time to serve 18 Springs in this way at this time. We anticipate adding three or four people to the Governing Council by July 2022.

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