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My name is Lori and I use she/her pronouns. I am a white-bodied, cisgender lesbian. Together with my wife and son, I have woven a diverse extended family—both biological and chosen. I have long been a resident of Winston-Salem. I grew up in metro Atlanta, and multiple generations of my family lived in Georgia or other southern states. With the assistance of redlining and other mid-20th century policies that benefited white folks, my grandparents moved from working class to intergenerational wealth within their lifetimes. I am college educated and have two graduate degrees—social work and business administration. I am a member of Green Street, a Christian church with a culture of social justice.


I am a solopreneur and consultant with Fuller Impact. I work with teams, nonprofit organizations, and cross-sector networks around strategy, learning, and evaluation. My clients are working towards social change around school discipline, the public benefits cliff, early childhood education, dementia-capable communities, and more. My purpose is to help them make their thinking visible in order to accelerate their results. I also help train others in Emergent Learning, a framework of collective learning created by Fourth Quadrant Partners.


I have been a licensed foster parent and am a living kidney donor. I have a variety of experience in local nonprofits around issues including substance use, affordable housing, and public health. I worked for 20 years at the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, a private foundation that provides grants across North Carolina. I currently serve on the board of The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem. I am learning to be a community advocate for racial justice as I continue my own work to live into anti-racist practices.

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