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What’s up to all,

I am Love’ and my pronouns are She/Her/King. I am a Black womxn, born in Salem Gardens and raised in the oldest Black community in Winston-Salem, Happy Hill Gardens. I am a product of Winston-Salem Forsyth County Public Schools. A 2012, Student Government Association President, Salem College Graduate. A 2015, Wake Forest University: School of Divinity Graduate. I was ordained under the tutelage of the Reverend Dr. John Mendez at Emmanuel Baptist Church.


Living my life challenging the status quo with the intent to change the world we live in; I am as Queer as the Jesus I prophetically preach about. I identify as a Black Womxnist Queer Liberation Theologian. 

I am my great-grandmother’s baby; they carry me in all my spiritual work; my relationship with the elements continues to form as I dive into the rituals, they instilled in me. I am herbs and crystal healing; I am a living Earth. I am full moon charged rainwater; I am spirit Water. I am sage and Palo Santo breathing; I am a breath of fresh Air. I am the flame burning the candle for my ancestors; I am soul food Fire. My superpower is cultured patterns.


I spend a lot of my time looking for Black spaces to shop and support. I am the Founder/CEO of Healing Heights, which was created as a trauma-informed training that focuses on healing practices, tools, resources, and centers healing justice. I believe that Healing Justice is the work that must be done for the world to experience the depth of healing.

Lové Lemon (she/her/king)

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