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Marla Gene (they/she)

Marla is a multipotentialite ebbing and flowing on their various paths. They are a writer, singer, maker, facilitator, healing guide, and student of decolonizing herbalism, food, & land. Their focus is navigating & healing trauma while reconnecting us with our bodies through creative wellness. 

Marla brings knowledge to the collective around disability justice, gender and sexuality, familial & cultural racial trauma, as well as a practice of radical self-love.


In 2018, after participating in Michelle Cassandra Johnson’s Skill in Action Yoga Teacher Training 200hr program, Marla committed to a continued education that centers antiracism within different healing modalities, such as decolonizing herbalism with Root Work Herbals: People’s Medicine School and Hood Herbalism, or learning about somatic abolitionism with Resmaa Menakem.

Marla's work at 18 Springs involves a bit of miscellany, including generating clear & growth-inspiring ideas, editing, consulting, amateur tech wizardry, coordinating systems, and managing communications with teachers, partners, and the public.


May we look to our ancestors who come from all beings, lay gifts before them and breath to honor them. Let us tend to our hearts as we tend to Spirit. Let us know rest, joy, purpose, and ourselves.