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Misako Kay

Misako Kay is originally from Japan. She was teaching Tai Chi at Robinhood Y, WGWY, Shepherd's Center, Pfafftown Baptist Church, and Tinderbox Fitness Center before the COVID shut down. Since the pandemic, she has been teaching mainly at Miller Park and other outdoor places. She truly loves Tai Chi and chances to meet participants who come to her class. 


She is still continuing her training, not only Tai Chi, but extended Martial Arts called 'Emperor's Long Fist' at Blue Ridge Kung Fu Arnis Academy with Grandmaster Eric Marks. She believes Tai Chi is such an internal mental work as much as external physical work. It is giving a breath, in other words, she believes Tai Chi is life itself.


She will always be a student of Tai Chi.

Email Misako with questions at

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