Sydney Hughes-McGee.jpg

Sydney Hughes-McGee (she/her)

Registered Yoga Teacher 500,

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (NC #1243) 

is a somatic educator and bodyworker.   She has been teaching yoga and experiential anatomy and doing bodywork for over 25 years.  Her goal is to help people feel at home in their bodies, to support them in the healing of injury and trauma, and to aid those seeking a more body-aware and nature connected way of being.


She works with the understanding that each of our bodies is a crossroads where the natural world meets our personal history and the history of our ancestors and culture.  We are "places" and much of our pain, both physical and psychological, is a result of subtle ways we disconnect from our home in the body and larger natural world.  The goal of her work is the conscious reinhabiting of lost places through movement, sensory awareness, touch, and energy work, as well as the conscious re-creation of a more compassionate and embodied culture.  How this unfolds is unique for each individual.  It requires that both practitioner and client listen below their thoughts to follow the body's lead.


To make an appointment or register for a class please contact Sydney at or 336 775 7313.