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Temple Crocker (she/her)

There is a natural vitality, elegance and tempo
for every body at every age stage. 


In an ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE lesson, the teacher provides gentle hands-on guidance, helping the student access natural processes of postural support, balance and coordination. As habitual patterns of excess tension and strain release, new pathways of thought, energy and movement are discovered. With practice, activities of daily living become more easeful, connected and free. 
Temple is an artist and teacher.  She has been teaching privately, in university classes and workshops since 2006. Her wish is to support people to be fully embodied for the whole of their lives. She has taught students as young as 8 and as old as 90.
A L L  A R E  W E L C O M E.

Lessons are 1 Hour 
Cost: $75.00
A series of 5 lessons is $350.00

N E W   O F F E R I N G :  T A B L E  L E S S O N S

In this lesson, students lie on a bodywork table. Gentle touch and movement are used to bring awareness and release to the body. More space is brought to the joints. The nervous system has a chance to unwind and find a new state of ease and balance. 

Lessons are 30 minutes
Cost: $40.00
A series of 5 Lessons: $180.00


Sessions are available on Tuesdays

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